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Product & Pricing

La Salsa Chilena -- based as a "South American Style Salsa" -- is a snappy blend of peeled tomatoes, red and green peppers, lemon juice and seasonings (a hint of cumin adds a nice touch). It is hot but stops short of scalding the mouth or overpowering the food eaten with it. The mild has a great flavor with a very light bite.

Our newest salsa is the very popular "Roasted Garlic" salsa made with all the fresh ingredients listed above, but with a slow oven-roasted garlic that adds a delicious garlic taste.

Available exclusively at our Farmer's Market locations: super hot habaƱero salsa, green salsa, fresh guacamole, and our new mango-peach-pineapple with roasted garlic salsa. See our calendar for locations and dates.

Vendors interested in our wholesale prices please contact our distribution department.

Current Price List:

Hot $3.00 per 16 oz. container/perishable item

Mild $3.00 per 16 oz. container/perishable item

Roasted Garlic $3.00 per 16 oz. container/perishable item